Chamber's Committees

The following is a list of the committees that help the Greater Cornwall Chamber of Commerce operate successfully. Chamber members who want to take a more active role can join one or more of the following committees:

Economic Development
Chair: Scott Teresi
Members: Wynn Gold
Jackie Gaillard
Josh Wojehowski
Michael Summerfield

Membership Committee
Chair: Ryan Coakley
Members: Christine Dorsey
Tony Burgess
Manuela Mocan
Gary Smith
Dominick Navarra
Maria Pappas Lambert

Fall Festival
Chair: Richard Massimi
Members: Stacey Lyle
Annie Mooradian
Helen Bunt
Luann Richards
Bernadette Montana
Tommy Lindemann
Howard Lane
Wendy Depew
Cassie O’Connor
Donna Cornel

Cornwall Goes Green Recycle Day
Chair: Vanessa Hill
Members: Stacey Lyle
Jackie Gaillard
Wynn Gold
Lynn Peebles

If you have any interest in serving on any of these committees, please let us know.
Some committees meet monthly; others only meet as needed.

The assistance of our member volunteers, is an essential component of the Chamber’s programming. Volunteers are expected to attend committee meetings on a regular basis.