Renaissance Hound
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Anna Pettersson
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Dog training and behavior modification


Renaissance Hound is a force-free dog training and behavior consultation provider in Cornwall on Hudson, NY, located in Orange County. Guided by an in-depth understanding of canine genetics, cognition and behavior we rely on modern evidence-based training approaches to teach your dog the skills needed to be a valued member of your family and a well-rounded hound about town.

Renaissance Hound thinks learning for dogs should be both fun and effective. Goals should be clearly articulated and the approach to achieving them individually adapted to the needs of each dog and family. Importantly, learning in dogs does not benefit from any force, fear or pain. Rather we focus on achieving lasting results using the kindness and individual concern that your best friend deserves. During our in-depth initial meeting with you and your dog, we learn more about your specific situation and goals. Based on this, we define priorities, agree with you on the best training format and craft a customized training plan based on your specific needs. We then work closely with you and your dog to maximize success.

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19 Cherry Avenue, Cornwall on Hudson, NY 12520