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Jenny Creta
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Strategic organizing solutions for the chronically disorganized. I pair learning style with life style.
Declutter, Organizing, Space Planning, Education, Organizing Solutions

Hi, I'm Jenny and I help busy professionals who struggle with clutter stay organized by pairing learning styles with life-styles.
The fact is, I was a hot mess before I became an organized success. I was uber-organized at work, but my home was a physical landing zone for my life’s never ending to do list. I was overwhelmed, frustrated, and even embarrassed to have guests over without at least a few hours warning so that I could shove everything in the closet. No matter how hard I tried I could not stay organized. 

A home should be functional, cozy, and your ultimate happy place. I was in search for answers, which was like sifting through lots of clutter, and found that professional organizing was actually a thing! I had no idea!! I have since become a Certified Organizational Specialist™, maintained an organized home, love my space, and left my career to share these life changing systems with you.

As a former professor of occupational therapy, I have a deep understanding of the dynamic interaction between person, place, and daily tasks. As a professional organizer, I have ninja-like sorting skills and the ability to connect learning style with life-style. I help bring balance and harmony to your home so that you can live your best life.

3 Bay View Terrace,
Cornwall On Hudson, NY 12520