Orange County Chamber of Commerce

Orange County Chamber of Commerce
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Orange County Chamber Building Business and Community Together. Buy Local. Think Stewart First.

The Orange County Chamber of Commerce leads the way in creating and supporting an environment in which business will succeed and the quality of life is enhanced.

Although we have a lot of members, most of them are small businesses (1-10 employees), so we spend a great deal of time using our size and influence advocating for the business point of view. We even have two New York State registered lobbyists on staff. We’ve developed a great rapport with our elected officials -- on local, state and federal levels -- and have been enormously effective in letting our leaders know what the business community needs, and enlisting their help to support those needs.

Housed in a new 19,000 square foot business center in the heart of New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, the Orange County Chamber of Commerce is here to help our members, our community and our visitors. Welcome.


Business Referrals, Networking, Modern and Free Meeting Space, Pro Business Advocacy

(845) 457-9700
30 Scotts Corner Drive Montgomery, New York 12549